Sunday, 27 April 2014

Atom Retro - A Real Head Turner
Looking to brighten up your look this summer? Well I mean, who isn't? And you couldn't find a better place to start other than Atom Retro of course. What can you say about them, to sum it up its all round quality. One fascinating piece I have had my eyes on is the 'Madcap England Winston Striped Grandad Top'. Mainly because of its quality material, and seemingly tailored fit. A timeless classic item from Madcap, giving you a clean cut look with no effort really needed. A piece that Weller himself would be seen wearing in his days. The unique Red White and Blue stripes take you all the way back to when the mod scene first really took off. And that's what the Mod thing is really about, taking the old ideas and influences of Mod and taking them and using new ideas to give it your own little twist. This piece is really easy to pull of so don't be put off by the stand out colours and just rock this piece with you own style. Really falls together with a pair of Levi 510's and a pair of desert boots, so pick up yours today and you wont go far wrong. Get yourself dressed up and show everyone what you've got, as Clothing is a huge part of the scene and items like this one really sum up that classic timeless mod image.

Another piece Atom Retro have lined up for you is the 'Madcap Hi-Wheel Cycling Top'. With the Green bold Stripe fading into a Beige and White Pin stripe, this banger really would not be worth missing out on. From its looks to its feel while on, it really cannot be beaten especially at its price mark. The unique cycling top has really taken off in the Mod world and I am sure you will see a lot more to come from it. At the cheap price of £29.99 this piece is anything but unaffordable, and for the quality you are getting it would really would not be worth missing. Easily slipped on with its zip up top. Many years of wear out of such a fabulous, classic item. Best teamed up with a pair of Levi 511s and a pair of Adidas classics, it really grabs the appeal of your audience and throws you out there. This piece will definitely test the time of your wardrobe, as it would be missed greatly. Available in a range of many smooth colours, ranging from green, to black, to blue and red. So definitely able to find a piece to suit your style, an item that will bring any look together. 
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