Thursday, 5 June 2014

80s Casual Classics

80's Casual Classics - A Fashion Masterpiece

The on line retro stores seem to be really progressing and this is up there with one of the best! With a real passion of providing you with that real influential 80's vibe and all the unique clobber that is to come with it. Their headlined focussed point seems to be the follow on fashion from the 'Mods' of the early eighties when the mod revival seemed to really die out, along with the many big bands of the time. The main one of them being the pivotal mod group The Jam. Many of the mods then gave all this up for a more vibrant life, that of the sporty casual look, the casual trend really seemed to progress along with many people.80's casual's seem to have really reborn the likes of Pierre Cardin and the all famous brand names such as Ellesse going with it. All the type of gear you would see the high class fashion icons appearing in, trying to pull off that vital Italian Sports and Golf casual scene. 

Pierre Cardin has been tied and shaken up by all at 80's casual classics and my, they have done a superb job! One of my favourite pieces they have brought back to life is this classic piece:

Pierre Cardin Heritage Crew Neck Knit in Sky Blue and Claret

 In two real eye catching colours, and a less vibrant navy colour which will also bring any style alive. It really does bring you back to the casual days, and makes you want to live it so ever much again! Available at such a bargain price of £49.95 it's really not worth missing.

Ellesse Rimini Track Top 

 This iconic Track Top brought to you by 80's is becoming even more popular than ever with many of the younger generation looking for a new style of a new look to stand out and where else to start than a vintage popular track top that will never ever let your style slip.
With the bagging price at only £59.95 and a range of many stand out colours this deal seems like a no brainer, especiall with all the other track tops which never seem to meet the quality and look good feel that Ellesse lets you bring to life. Bag them now under                                                   the Ellsese track top section.

Circa 81 Raglan 80s T-shirt in White/Navy/Red

One final unique piece I would like you all to turn your head towards is the brilliant smart look Circa 81 range only available to buy at 80's casuals! This piece has really got the potential to break through to many of the younger generation of you out there, and you can clearly see why. With the racing strips on both shoulders really motivating the look and making the shirt look really smart but casual. Undoubtedly this top would test out a new range of clothing to anyone's wardrobe, and I would love to see a lot more of Circa 81 from 80s in near future as I genuinely think it would be a iconic buy item! This top really puts the icing on the cake for 80s casual classics for me, with the blend of all of the most fantasised casual colours of red navy and white! And the quality of the top and the fitting is ridiculously great. Not at all out of anyone's price range at a measly £25. It really is all about the look and this piece will never fail to let you down! 
Bag it now at 80's Casual Classics

Clothing styles and trends is all about recapturing something really great which has already been worn and done, and taking it and making it even greater than it already was or even just keeping it the same and wearing it to your suit. But nevertheless 80's casual classics have really set the standards, in my opinion setting standards really does define them as a whole. All of the long unseen items they have available really making a name for themselves. The only way for Casual Classics is up and hope to see more from them in the future!

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